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Pella & Ministry
Pella Evangelical Lutheran Church is a Family of God—a people gathered beneath the cross of Christ. We encounter God’s presence through Word and Sacrament.

Our mission and ministry is to reach out to all people. Nourished by God’s grace, we share the Christian faith, serve the needs of others, and encourage, equip, and support each other to fulfill our calling to serve God in the world.

As a 113-year-old congregation and ministry, Pella is also a church in transition, dedicating itself to teaching the relevancy of scripture in the midst of a changing cultural ethos. Pastor Jim Elder has served faithfully the last thirteen years—first, as our Synod authorized lay interim pastor—and since 2009, as an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America called to the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Jim is a past-president of the Selma Ministerial Association (SMA) and the founder of Metanoia Ministries, a personal outreach Web ministry that encourages the Christian faith and lifestyle.

We serve in ministry in a number of ways . . .

Bible Study Ministry
Pella holds a Mid-Week Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM.
This study group has been a vital part of Pella's consistency and growth and a healthy percentage of the members of Pella participate. Currently the group is studying Paul's "Letter to the Romans." We went on hiatas on June 17th for the Summer, but will be returning to our studies in late August—beginning with Chapter 7.

Confirmation & Adult Instruction
Pella provides instruction in the Lutheran faith through both confirmation instruction for baptized members, and through baptism and adult instruction for those who desire to become members. Please contact the church office.

Prayer Ministries
While prayer is a part of all our scheduled activities and daily lives, it is also an important ministry that goes beyond those very schedules and activities. Pella has an active member Prayer Chain that routinely takes its members, friends and even strangers needs to the Lord in prayer. In addition, there is also a Prayer Warrior’s page on this Web site where prayer requests can be found at almost any time. The prayers on the Prayer Warrior’s page may not be a part of the regular prayer chain, so make sure you review the prayer requests on this page as well.

Other Ministries
Ministry by members of Pella goes on each and every day in a number of ways. As we continually review our mission and ministry, we also look at many other opportunities for minstry that could become a part of our vision as we move forward in mission:

Proclaiming Christ • Empowering Prayer • Making Disciples.


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